poniedziałek, 3 grudnia 2012

I'm back, bringing the photos taken during last weekend. It was terribly cold, but still exciting and unforgettable. Even If we were tired, spending half a day in the bus and tripping to the other side of Warsaw to take a few silly pics... it was worth it. I heard no matter how and where you are, who do you spend your time with is the most important thing. So that's why I can say I will really miss those days soon. There won't be anyone to sing karaoke on youtube, play Monopoly at night, clean up the dishes and eat sushi for breakfast. Nobody will tell me he's broke and then buy some new stuff and I'm not going to hear 'fml' sentence all the time. I just hope we will meet again in summer, and exchange the diaries as we planned.
Enjoy the photos taken by super talented photographer, architect and designer, guys! haha

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  1. piekne outfity, urocza ostatnia fota <3333

    skad te spodnie ?