I am not a fashion blogger.

I know nothing about designers, models or actual trends in that perfect world of good looking people. The thing I've always been trying to achieve is to create my own style that express my personality and makes me feel confident.
Why have I started to care about my outfits and share it on the internet? Well, since I'm a huge fan of beautiful things and I can spend hours on tumblr (which is my temple of adorable photos) or reading fashion magazines - I've got inspired to create something myself, because it's unfair just to receive and not to give anything back, right? That's how I became a 'blogger'. 

What is this about then?
Szibidibi (I know it's the worst possible name ever - I mean, try to pronounce it) is my own place in this huge world of the Internet. I need such website, just to leave some thoughts, photos, memories. I often come back to my older post and re-read them. That's me. I'm nothing without memories.

What's my style?
And I'm kind of a paradox. I love white but I feel better wearing black. I match wedges and short skirt with men's watch. I know a lot about make-up, but I don't often have it done. I'm in love with old italian villages but I'd rather live in a big city. People say I'm girly while my boyfriend complains about another thing I stole from his closet. I'm a sarcastic little monster with a chubby, baby face. People don't like me until they get to know me, so I guess I don't make a good first impression, but hey, I don't even care.

I love meeting new people, talking, answering questions. So feel free to message!